قطيفة وأرز وكينوا مخلوطة لتحضيرالشو عضوية - بروبايوس 300 غخالية من الجلوتين -- PROBIOS/ORGANIC 300G PULSES MIXED SOUP WITH AMARANTH, RICE AND QUINOA- GLUTEN FREE بروبايوس

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Exp Date-28/12/2021

A complete line of soups with organic cereals and legumes, source of fibers and ready to use, to decorate at your leisure with vegetables!The soup of amaranth and quinoa is gluten-free guaranteed.Available from the same range but not gluten free guaranteed, are: the soup with buckwheat and 3 soups with 1% Italian ingredients made from spelt, oats and barley.

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