ALICE TEA/ORGANIC 80G WHITE TEA, ROSE, CARDAMOM & COCONUT LOOSE TEA - شاي أبيض، ورد، هيل و شاي جوز الهند الفضفاض أليس تي/عضوي80غ

١٨٫٦٤ $

This bewitching mixture is a beautiful invitation to touch the lips with all the magic of a kiss: at the same time sweet, sensual and delicious thanks to its flowery notes, delicately spiced with cardamom and coconut chips ... You will have only one desire: take it back ... or offer it! Ingredients: white tea * from China, coconut *, cardamom *, rose petal *, natural flavor *, natural vanilla flavor with other natural flavors *, geranium essential oil *

  • ١٨٫٦٤ $
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