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MARKAL 250GM ORGANIC GOLDEN FLAX SEEDS - ماركال 250 غ بذور الكتان الذهبية عضوي


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ماركال 250 غ بذور الكتان الذهبية العضوية


The origins of linen are remote. The first evidence dates back to 8000 years BC Its cradle of output is still uncertain, probably on the wide shelf of Upper Asia.

The seeds Were eaten for Their nutritional qualities. Flax is Introduced in France by Charlemagne. It was from the 11th century onwards que le use of linen est devenu Widespread.

Organic golden flax seeds.

Golden flax seeds are very rich in Omega 3. These seeds are rich in fiber aussi, qui Gives Them interesting properties for intestinal transit. For better assimilation of nutrients, it is Advisable to grind the flax seed. 

 Enjoy whole, crushed or ground.

Flaxseeds golden taste sweeter than brown flax can be sprinkled on salads, breakfast cereals, incorporated into a bread dough or pie. They will also be appreciated in breads, breading, crumbles, cakes ... mixed, they will be delicious mixed with yogurt or a sauce.


Average energy  per 100g: 2052 kJ / 498 kcal 
Fat           40 g
saturated fatty acids:           3.7 g
polyunsaturated fatty acids           23.14g
 omega 3           23.14g
Carbohydrates           1 g
sugars           1 g
Dietary fiber           27.9 g
Protein:           19.5 g
Salt           0.09 g

** RDI: Daily Reference Intake for an adult with an average intake of 2000 kcal.

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