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OLYMPUS/ORGANIC 20gr LEMON BALM-أوليمبوس 20 جرام بلسم الليمون


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 نباتات عطرية وطبية اخترناها من حقول زراعية موجودة منذو عقود. نحن نؤمن أن هذه الحقول بالصبر والعمل الدؤوب تنتج منتجات ممتازة و فريدة من نوعها


For the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants we have chosen fields were cultured decades . We strongly believe that these fields with patience , perseverance and appropriate scientific operations, can produce excellent products , unique in their kind .


Among thousands of plants there are some that really excel every year. LHS carefully selects these premium batches of herbs and hand pick them for their Limited Production Series. The herbs dry under optimal natural conditions to preserve their goodness and then go through various processes in order to obtain only the highest quality portions. This very strict selection process makes this series of products limited in quantities but full of the finest tastes and aromas. They come in small cylinder containers from recycled paper with a metallic lid suited with an inner silicon ring so that the herbs stay as fresh as the day they left Laconia. 
Lemon Balm is part of the Limited Production Herbal infusions. Lemon balm (Melissa Officinalis) is the favorite herb of mélissa (Greek name for bee) was also the sacred herb of Demetra, goddess of fertility. Charlemagne was convinced of Lemon Balm’s beneficial effect to humans that ordered monks to cultivate it at their monasteries. Nowadays Lemon Balm is among the most popular herbs worldwide. LHS Lemon Balm, cheery and charming, it will improve your mood and help you relax.
Expiry Date Jun 30, 2023
Base Unit Pcs
Pieces 100
Color No

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