Iخل البلسميك من مودينا عضوي 150مل/قوارزوني - GUERZONI/ ORGANIC BIODYNAMIC 150ML CREAM WITH “BALSAMIC VINEGAR OF MODENA PG Guerzoni

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The first ready-to-use cream based on Organic and Biodynamic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena igp

Obtained from the encounter of an excellent cooked must, produced with the traditional direct fire and open sky method, with an equally excellent high density Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, it stands out in front of the other creams for its organoleptic qualities.

The main ingredients of the cream are the result of a small batch of very high quality grapes from our farm in the province of Modena.

It is also unique because it does not contain any preservatives or colouring, and the thickener is a biological starch that makes it creamy without any intolerance problems.

The sweet and sour taste, high density and consistency allow anyone to try their hand at complex garnishes while enhancing the flavor of fish, meat, cheese, but also suits as well ice cream and seasonal fruit.

خل البلسميك من مودينا محضر من عنب عالي الجودة،لا يحتوي خل البلسميك على ألوان مضافه،يملك مزيج من المذاق الحلو و المر.هناك عدة أطباق يمكن أن يستخدم في الخل لإضافة نكهة لذيذه إلى الطبق كالأسماك و اللحوم و الأجبان، و أيضاً يمكن أن يضاف لمكونات تحضير المثلجات و إلى الفواكة الموسمية.

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