متبل مع خل البلسميك من مودينا - خالي من الجلوتين بروبايوس 150 مل -- PROBIOS/ORGANIC 150ML CREAM OF BALSAMIC VINEGAR FROM MODENA I.G.P. -GLUTEN FREE بروبايوس

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Exp Date-30/11/2021

The cream of Balsamic Vinegar of “Il Nutrimento” is an upscale salad and cheese dressing without gluten. Its creaminess makes it excellent for garnishing vegetables, but it is also delicious to match with strawberries and ice cream or for the preparation of other recipes! It is produced with the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and in the ingredients there is not added aroma or caramel: all its aroma and taste are given by the ancient recipe for the production of the precious vinegar aged in oak barrels, its creaminess is given by the addition of starch corn from organic farming.

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